Empress Theatre

GPS, Online & Conventional Map Tips

The Empress Theatre is by no means difficult to find, but a couple of notes could make your trip a bit easier.

Things to Know

Whether you are using conventional maps, a GPS navigation system, or a computer-based service such as MapQuest, Google or Yahoo Maps, there are several things to know about Vallejo roads.

Downtown Core

In the downtown core where the Empress is located, there are alleys between most streets.  These alleys are named and appear on all maps as regular streets.  This means that as you drive, the street you are looking for is likely to come up much faster than you are expecting from your map view.  What looks like 10 blocks on your map is really only 5.

One-Way Traffic

Also, be aware that the block of Virginia Street directly in front of the theater is a one-way street traveling West from Marin Street to Sacramento Street.  As this one-block portion of Virginia was only recently made one-way, most maps and navigation systems do not understand it as a one-way street and may direct you to travel the wrong direction on this street. 


As signage is not very obvious, it can be easy to find yourself traveling against traffic on this block.  You will also need to remember that this street is one-way when leaving the parking lot across from the theater as there is no signage indicating traffic direction at the lot's exit.


330 Virginia Street
Downtown Vallejo
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