Donate to the Empress Theatre

The Empress Theatre is operated and maintained by the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Inc, a non-profit public benefit corporation. A nearly 100-year-old structure, the Empress is a jewel in Vallejo’s downtown, but it is also a tremendously costly structure to operate and maintain. And, unlike other similar civic arts centers in the Bay Area, the Empress Theatre receives no funding from the City or County. All funding must be earned through ticket sales or raised through fundraising efforts. Private donors are our essential partners. Your donation today will help to ensure that the Empress Theatre remains Vallejo’s Center for Arts and Entertainment™ for the next 100 years. 

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made in the following ways.

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CHECK or CREDIT CARD (one-time or installment)

This simplest method for giving—either one-time or on a regular (monthly, quarterly, annual) basis.  If you choose to use a credit card, we’d like to suggest that you increase your gift by 3% to help defray the bank’s credit card processing charge.


Gifts of stock are also greatly appreciated.  Please contact us directly to make transfer arrangements.


Remembering the Empress in your estate planning is an easy way to make a lasting contribution to the theater’s continued success.


Corporate or individual sponsors can make a substantial contribution to the Empress Theater by sponsoring an event, series, season or the theater itself.  Sponsorship also has great rewards, including entertainment opportunities, excellent public recognition and customized benefits.


Make a lasting contribution to the history of the Empress when you sponsor a particular portion of the theater.  Imagine having the front row, the stage, the lobby, or even the auditorium named for you or someone you care about.  But once these areas have been sponsored, the opportunity is gone for good.  So contact us today before your preferred location is taken.


Another way to give without any out-of-pocket expense is to make a tax-deductible in-kind donation of goods or services.  The Empress uses a good many items and if one of them is a product or service you can provide, an opportunity to support the theater without a cash expenditure is waiting here for you.  Please contact us to discuss.