Empress Theatre

Preservation & Renovation


The Empress was purchased by Empress Theatre Associates LLC (ETA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triad Communities LP (Triad), in a unique Public Private partnership among the ETA/Triad, City of Vallejo and the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF). The official groundbreaking took place in April.



Under Triad's guidance, the theatre underwent a restoration consisting of a comprehensive seismic retrofit while preserving the Empress' historic character and charm. The work also included upgrades to the theater's stage design as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, the Empress' lobby area and restrooms received extensive facelifts and the auditorium's 471 seats were replaced and more.



On May 8th, the new marquee was tested for the first time--it passed with flying colors. The site was magnificent to behold, exciting all those who participated in the restoration. On June 11th, Empress Theatre Associates LLC (and Triad) received City Council approval for federal tax credits to assist with recovering some of the costs associated with the theatre renovation. National Development Council, a national non- profit organization, helped Triad obtain New Market Tax Credits to help cover costs of the renovation.

The theatre restoration was completed in July.



The Empress will open with a regular performance schedule in the Winter of 2008.



At the completion of the federally required tax credit holding period, the ownership of the Empress will be donated to the City of Vallejo as originally envisioned.