CCC Spotlight

It takes money—a lot of money—to bring an old building like the Empress back to life.  Along with generous contributions from Triad Communities and financing provided by the City of Vallejo, the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation was tasked with the daunting task of raising significant amounts of money for necessary capital improvements and early operating capital for the project.

This amounts to nearly $2 million.  A campaign of this magnitude had never before been conducted in Vallejo.  The group to take on this significant challenge was the Empress Capital Campaign Committee (CCC).

To date, the Committee has raised nearly all of the funds required for initial capital improvements.  But the work is by no means over. Your contributions now are critical to insuring that the Empress Theatre has the operating capital to keep the doors open during the tough initial start-up years.  

Please consider a generous donation to keep the arts alive in downtown Vallejo.

Committee Members:

  • Rich Geist, Chair
  • Cheryl Feldman
  • Erin Hannigan
  • Robert Litwin
  • Gail Manning   
  • Celeste Smeland
  • Michael Wilson
  • Peter Wilson